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Canvas mounted as a group on vinyl
single canvas prints, mounted on vinyl
4" / 5" square prints, cloth mounted
4R prints cloth mounted & framed Canvas prints various sizes
Limited editions: canvas prints 8", acrylic prints 8*
A3, 4R prints card mounted & framed
Limited edition Chengdu series, mounted print
Limited edition Chengdu series, mounted acrylic
Limited edition Chengdu series, mounted acrylic set of 3
canvas print, stretched and framed
Limited edition canvas print vinyl mount to 42cmx32cm.

Buying photos

Almost all the photograps are available for purchase as prints.

Various formats are available, including framed and unframed, mounted prints,

They are are available in various ready available sizes  (frame size 8″ x 10″, 21″ x 16″ and A4).

Some are available as larger prints, or canvas prints by request.

Canvas prints can be customised to your preferred size. Starred photos are also available as acrylic prints.

Limited edition prints on canvas with vinyl mounting are also starred.

The prints do not contain the watermark shown on the catalogue pages.

For pricing and delivery charges please contact me via the form below and include the numbers identifying the photographs, finish and sizing you are interested in.

If you would like to see a larger selection of photographs to choose from, please contact me to arrange a viewing.

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