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0369, Paris
2474, old glass window, Cornwall, United Kingdom
Jln Stesen, Chong Kok Kopitiam, 2012
5056, Melaka, Malaysia
8007, doorway, George Town, Penang
8019, doorway, George Town, Penang
0163, doorway, George Town, Penang
0105, George Town, Penang
0038, doorway, George Town, Penang
8126, doorway, George Town, Penang
040724, doorway, George Town, Penang
3254, doorway, Cheong Fatt Tze mansion Penang
3249, doorway, Cheong Fatt Tze mansion Penang
3250, Cheong Fatt Tze mansion Penang
0002, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
6859, Fremantle, Australia
7004, Sydney, Australia
7555, Western Australia
9474, Laos
0218, Luang Prabang, Laos
9813, Luang Prabang, Laos
0148, Luang Prabang, Laos
0269, Luang Prabang, Laos
1740, Fujian, China
1638, Fujian, China
1980, Fujian, China
2081, Fujian, China
2419, Fujian, China
2171, Shanghai, China
2017, Shanghai, China
0568, Lijiang China
1046, Lijiang China
4183, Yangon Myanmar
5591, Yangon Myanmar
0206, O-genkan Gate, Nishi Hongwanji Temple, Kyoto, Japan
0208, Kara-mon Gate, Nishi Hongwanji Temple, Kyoto, Japan
0432, Kara-mon Gate, Nijo-jo Castle, Kyoto, Japan

Doors and Windows

These photographs are available as framed prints (frame size 8″x10″). Some are available as larger prints, or canvas prints by request. The prints do not contain the watermark. For pricing and postage please contact me via the Contact form and include the numbers identifying the photographs you are interested in.

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