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Moving China – Fujian

Depending on whether you want to move people or rocks, or blocks or furniture, there’s a way to do it in China. The bicycle is still an important mode of transport, but beware the electric version – they can take you out very easily as they’re silent. The island of Gulangyu just over the river from Xiamen has a ‘no cars’ rule so everything is transported in wooden two wheeled carts or the smaller metal wheelbarrows seen elsewhere in China.

Moving people in China offers just as much variety. We’ve travelled on trains fast and slow, in buses, cars & vans both comfortable and ‘interesting’, ferries, motorcycles (very scary) and airlines we’d never heard of before. If you’ve left your affairs in order before you left home, it’s better to relax and try and get the ‘safest’ location and hope for the best. These examples are but a few of the methods we’ve seen, and there are many more yet to be shared.

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