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  1. Joe Guerriero

    Hi Lesley,
    I am a photographer from the U.S. and I’m planning to lead a photo group to Myanmar/Bhutan in May 2017. I am currently creating a flyer for the trip and found one of your photos on Google images. Unfortunately I can’t afford to purchase the use of the photo but would ask your permission to use in the manner shown on the flyer. I will gladly give you a photo credit and would love to meet up with you when we come to Yangon.
    It is a nice image, and i’m sorry I have no many to purchase it. As a photographer I’ve never been to Myanmar or Bhutan so I have no photos to use, although Ive been around much of the world.
    I don’t think I’m able to enclose an attachment here, but here is the link to the photo.

  2. Fuji

    hi Lesley, the klang photos are good. it is memorable. do you have anymore of klang old time photos?

    • Lesley Lee

      Thanks. Sorry, I didn’t see your comments earlier, I’ve been busy on other projects lately. I do have more Klang photos, I’m slowly sifting through them and trying to match up old and new.

  3. Fuji

    Hi Lesley,

    I am very interesting on those Klang old times footage. is that all you have?


  4. Steven Hon

    Hi Leslely,

    I found your website very interesting.

    Well I am from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

    I will be going to Myammar this October 2013 with a friend of mine for only 7 days. We like to do photography as well. Planning on this itinerary (Yangon – Bagan – Inle Lake – Yangon). Do you think this is an ideal route? Don;t think have enough time for Mandalay

    Would appreciate if you can give me more information about travelling around, hotel stay & etc.

    I am still in the planning stage on how & when we gotta travel from one place to another & where is the best budget place to stay.

    May I know roughly how much you spend for your trip to Myammar?

    Hope to hear from you soon

    Thank you

    • Lesley Lee

      Hi Steven,
      Glad you enjoyed what you saw. Thanks. You should enjoy your trip, but I believe that, like us, you will come home wishing you’d had longer. You will need to get your visa from the embassy in Jln Ampang Hilir, off Jln Ampang, but wait until a week or so before you go because they are valid for 3 mths. Make sure the photos have a white background. When you travel to Myanmar, make sure you take new USD currency, they won’t accept it if it’s folded, marked or stained. If you tell the money changers here that you need it for Myanmar, they are quite good, but do check and don’t accept any that don’t look really neat and flat.
      Accommodation will be your main expense as it is limited and the quality is variable. I suggest you look at what is available on Trip Adviser or similar and then contact the hotel direct. This is how we found our hotel in Bagan. I can highly recommend the Thiri Malar Hotel there. It’s in New Bagan, but well located to get a horse cart for the day from out front, to go and see around the pagodas.
      In Yangon we stayed at East Hotel, right on Sule Pagoda Road. A very quirky hotel, but the people are lovely.

      We didn’t go to Inle lake. Maybe next time. You can also investigate backpacker places, there are some and we met travellers who managed to get somewhere to stay without booking, but that could be problematic.

      The trains are an interesting way to travel. Overnight between Bagan and Yangon will be something to remember. Per person for the sleeper cost around USD40 per person. Take plenty of biscuits and water, the restaurant car is a couple of carriages away. You can only book your tickets at the town you’re leaving from, so do it as soon as you get there. In Yangon, see my blog post. Also the man in Seat 61 has good info about this. Flying is expensive, bus is cheaper, but we didn’t try it because the times didn’t suit.

      Food is easy, very similar to what we have in Malaysia. Try the pancakes – like our murtabak. They also sell lots of fresh juices, papaya with lime is very good. Be careful with raw food though, sanitary conditions may not be wonderful, so be careful with salad type veges, such as they serve with a typical Myanmar lunch.

      Spending is hard to say, depends on how much you spend on accommodation & getting about. If you want to buy souvenirs, they make the most beautiful lacquerware in Bagan, expensive but high quality. The Bogyoke Aung San Market in Aung San Rd in Yangon is a great place to pick up jade, silver, wooden and lacquerware souvenirs. (Bogyoke is pronounced bo-chok)

      Lastly, make sure you have plenty of cards for your camera. It’s a wonderful place for photos. The people are friendly and the buildings old and new are just waiting to be photographed. The pagodas are magnificent. Enjoy. Oh and if you feel like a treat, a Singapore sling in Strand Hotel on Strand Road is USD7 as opposed to SG31 in Singapore. 🙂

  5. Mat

    Hey there

    I loved the photos taken in Burma. It seems like you have been there just recently. Can you advise me please about living cost/spending money. Do you think £900 would be enough for one person for 17 days? I don’t plan to take any flights. Budget accommodation, public transport like busses/trains.

    I would so appreciate any kind of help.

    Best regards,


    • Lesley Lee

      Thanks Mat,
      We got back a fortnight ago, so it’s recent. We only spent 8 days, which wasn’t long enough, your 17 days would be good. 900 pounds should be adequate, but if you can take a bit extra just in case, it’s not a bad idea because there are no foreign ATMs or credit cards yet. There were three of us with two rooms and we stayed in mid-range hotels which cost between 45 and 60 USD per night. You can get for less than that though, I believe if you search. We met a chap on the train who’d stayed with someone he’d met on the net who shares accommodation with travellers, I can’t remember the site, but if you search, I’m sure you’ll find it. We were able to prepay the one in Yangon by credit card through Agoda, but the others we needed cash. Make sure you have your money in new (unfolded, no marks o tears) US dollar bills printed after 1996. You’ll get a better rate (about 854 Kyat) for those. You can save on accommodation by catching the overnight trains where available. We did that between Yangon & Mandalay and Bagan / Yangon. You can also catch buses, which are cheaper, but you’re stuck in your seat for all those hours. Make sure you take something warm if you catch the train, it gets really cold at night and can be pretty bumpy as well.
      A ferry trip up or down the Irrawaddy between Mandalay and Bagan is well worth the effort time & money. Our ferry cost USD40 per head, but there are cheaper ones, but we passed them on the way. Ours was not flash, but comfortable. The others looked like fun.
      A trip to Mt Popa, Inle Lake, Kalaw are also good things to do, we didn’t because not enough time.
      We had a really good time and felt quite safe .


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