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5379 Sunrise, near Yangon
5063 Angkor Wat, Cambodia
5622 Sunset, Yangon
1022 West Lake, Hangzhou, China
1105 Sunset, Hangzhou
1025, Hangzhou, China
0329 Sunset, Vientiane
6756 Perth, Western Australia
7599 Perth, Western Australia
6979 Perth, Western Australia
Sunset, George Town
2989 Oudong Mountain, Cambodia
0846 Yangpu Bridge, , Shanghai, China
2305 Sunset, Gulangyu
1621, Sunset, Wuxi, China
1151 Sunrise, Xiamen
0954 Zürich, Switzerland
7316 Narromine/Nyngan, Australia
9046 Sunset, Xi'an, China

Sunrise, Sunset

Sunrise and sunset have the capacity to spring surprises. What looks like an ordinary sky can suddenly light up with the most amazing display of colours. And sometimes even the clouds on the other side of the sky join the party.

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