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An early morning balloon ride over the Nam Song River in Vang Vieng, Laos
A lonely country church, high up with the blue sky, in the Rosenheim district of Upper Bavaria, Germany
An early owner was a supporter of the soon to be king, Henry V11, five centuries ago - Saltash, Cornwall, UK
The Black Dragon Pool is fed by glacial waters from Yulong Mountain - Lijiang, China
The first stone bridge in Tasmania still stands proud in Ross, Australia
Song Dynasty covered bridge - Yong Chun, China


Every place has its unique smell, however subtle. It’s impossible at this point of time to share this unique sense, but colours and the quality of light can be captured and shared. The brilliant blue of an Australian winter sky against the startling orange-red of the outback soil makes it easy to remember the special smell of the grey-green eucalyptus leaves in between. Or the crisp clean air around a Chinese lake fed by a snow capped mountain.

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