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Jakarta – People watching

I am never lonely. Even if I don’t have a book or a camera with me, I love to watch the people around me  – their expressions, the things they are doing, their interaction with others. If I have a camera with me, I’m looking for those doing something that has aroused my curiosity or made me smile, who have faces that stand out in one way or another, or because they are just being themselves. Thank you to all those who are depicted here.

The people of Jakarta are no different from people anywhere else, in that they are just getting on with their lives and I feel privileged to have enjoyed meeting these people through the lens of my camera. Click on the ‘i’  at the top left, for a brief description.

One of the reasons we love to walk when we travel, is because you can see people going about their daily lives – we watched a few of the self-appointed traffic wardens and quickly picked up what they were doing – helping drivers cross into traffic, get a parking space and so on. Some paid them a small amount, others didn’t bother, but you have to salute their determination to earn a living. It must be hard.

Here’s the mechanical puppet show – the operator is pretty energetic!

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