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This collection is for the families of Lesley Rose, Sheena Kathleen and Gregory John Llewellyn Holland, using bits and pieces of information the three of us have, have shared or have discovered over the past few years. Our parents, Henry James Holland (born Wentworth, 12th August 1907 (NSW (30820/1907)), and Jean Estelle Scott, (born Brisbane, 14th August 1913 (Reg No B33356) were married on 4th Jan 1951 at Mt Tyson Qld. Both had interesting lives, before they met, with disappointments along the way and both were affected by the Second World War (1939 – 1945). Sadly, neither was around to ask for information, as dad died aged 59 just before Christmas 1966 and mum had developing dementia the last ten years of her life, dying aged 80 in 1994. Mum left behind some writings and a lot of photographs, largely undated. Dad kept a little stash of memories in his ‘lowboy’ with letters and receipts, his army drivers license and the like. Some of these are with me and will be/are reproduced here, others are with Sheena. Our Aunts Grace Vincent and Helen (Mary Helen) Stephen had useful material and in Aunty Grace’s case, clues to follow up.
As for family tree information, in the case of Sophia Susannah, Silvia Fletcher (her son Allison’s daughter-in-law from Ban Ban Springs) did much of the legwork. For the Hollands, Sandra Vincent, wife of John Vincent, Aunty Grace’s son, was the driver. Both have generously shared what they found and I’ve built on that.
I’ve decided to build this as a website rather than a printed book, so that it can be updated or corrected if more information comes to light. There are so many interesting stories out there and this helps to remind us that our ancestors also had lives worthy of remembering.

This page has links to as many of their ancestors as we can identify, with quite a few mysteries possibly solved along the way. Dad’s parents Henry Charles Holland and Rose Hardie (put link to page), both had a selection of characters worthy of note (or infamy), as did some of mum’s ancestors. While her parents (Robert Scott and Sophia Stella Stephenson) also have their story, it’s Sophia Stella’s mum, Sophia Susannah Martin who ties all the interesting characters together.

1966 Palmwoods Our last family photo. Dad was best man at cousin Keith Vincent’s wedding and we didn’t want to go.

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