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We host a python, temporarily

When my dear little puss Miss Mouse, suddenly stopped in the middle of the living room this morning and started looking curiously towards the corner of the room, then back at me and again into the corner, I decided a little investigation was in order. It was dark so I nipped up and got a torch and was surprised to see the beautiful markings of a reticulated python. It didn’t look too big and even though I have a life-long distaste for snakes, I was very relieved it wasn’t a cobra.

This was clearly not a DIY job so I called the fire department, the BOMBA, who put me through to the Civil Defence people who said they’d come and do the necessary. I did say what type of snake it was, so I guess they prioritised with other jobs and took them an hour to get here. Boy am I glad it wasn’t a cobra!

With most of the cats safely out of the way, they managed to catch it quickly and took it outside (after telling us that it is big enough to do the cats serious damage) and put it in a rice bag. It was seriously not happy and didn’t want to let go of the rod and promptly slid out which necessitated another grab. Charlie the puss, who had been following the action from what he considered a safe enough distance, showed us a clean pair of heels and they managed to do the re-capture quite quickly.

Thanks to the staff (men and the lady) from the Pertahanan Awam who tell us the python will be safely released into a more suitable jungle habitat.

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