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located in Asean.

Daily Life, Myanmar

The thing I like best about travelling independently is having the freedom to adjust things as we go along. Of course, there are some constraints imposed by time, it would be lovely to be able to go somewhere and just…

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Getting about in Myanmar

Getting from place to place in Myanmar is not really that difficult, but it does require some tenacity and a large pinch of faith. This is because finding out information before arriving in the country is a challenge, there are…

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Shopping in Myanmar

Myanmar is a real contradiction. It looks like a poor country but it has absolutely fabulous, high value resources. Go figure. When we travel, I always like to do my bit to support the local economy. When I was younger,…

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Myanmar by train

I love trains and when we're travelling, if there are trains available, I'll look at using them to get about, especially if I can save us a night's accommodation in the process. However, the over-riding consideration is that they must…

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A Look at Laos

We set off for Laos at the end of September with probably the minimum amount of preparation necessary for a self-planned visit. We had booked rooms in Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang which we identified as the most important…

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