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In Full bloom

All the nasty storms were been having the last few afternoons do contribute to beautiful clear mornings, the sort that make me so glad I no longer spend them admiring them from inside my car on the long drive to…

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A Week in China

When a friend in Oz emailed us and asked if we'd be interested in a week in China for AUD99, we asked 'What's the catch?'. There wasn't one unless you consider that that price was for ethnic Chinese only, everyone…

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A Look at Laos

We set off for Laos at the end of September with probably the minimum amount of preparation necessary for a self-planned visit. We had booked rooms in Vientiane, Vang Vieng and Luang Prabang which we identified as the most important…

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Making a Pond Filter

When we decided to start putting ponds around the garden to fill empty spaces, it meant putting filters in to keep the water clean enough for the fish. That's when I found out how expensive pond filters are. So I…

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Yong Chun

When we first decided to visit the family ancestral home in Yong Chun, Fujian, it was with some trepidation. After all, we'd listened to Amah's stories of how they weren't really very interested in seeing those who'd run off to…

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